G J Curgenven
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Mariners Ticket
George James Curgenven was born on 21 Dec 1837. Baptism Certificate >>
He received his Mariners Ticket on 25 May 1852 at the age of 14yrs 7mts.
Mariners Ticket



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3rd Mates Certificate
George James Curgenven became a 3rd Mate on 3 Sep 1858.
3rd Mates Certificate

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Discharge Papers
G.J. Curgenven signed on the Morayshire as 3rd Mate on 4 Oct 1855 in London for a voyage to Australia. He was discharged after 34 Months 16 Days on 20 Aug 1859 in London at the age of 22. Signed G. Mathers. Master.
Discharge Papers

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The Morayshire
  The Morayshire No 25217 was built in 1835 for Duncan Dunbar by James Laing, Sunderland, yard No 137.
316 tons. Burthen 833 tons (Weight to be carried). RN 45. Rig WB.
   Registered in Port of London. Marine Mailing List 73782.
  She was used as an emigrant ship to Australia. (It was sold to Masson & Co London in 1838, not acording to G J Curgenven)
Painting of the ship Morayshire

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Mutiny on the Bounty.
  In 1788, The HMS Bounty arrived in Tahiti after a hard 10 months at sea. Captain Bligh allowed the crew to stay on shore and it was not surprising that most wanted to remain. Some had even got married.
  The Bounty left Tahiti on 4th. April 1789 and 24 days later, 18 men joined Christian in the mutiny. Captain Bligh and 18 men wer put into an open boat and they made an epic 47 day journey to Timor.
  Mutiny on the Bounty has been made into several films. For further information use this link or use the Net.
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The removal of the descendants of the Mutiny on the Bounty
  George James Curgenven was an Officer on the Ship Morayshire which took the descendants of the Mutiny on the Bounty from the Pitcairn Island to the Norfolk Island in 1856. Pitcairn Journey >>

  NEW  George wrote a list of the Islanders onboard the Morayshire June 1856. Islanders List >>
  NEW  The Morayshire arrived with 194 Islanders but the names do not correspond with the "Pitcairn Register". The list has been revised to show possible names. Islanders List Revised>>

  George wrote an account of his journey from Sydney to Pitcairn via Norfolk then back to Norfolk. His account was a type draft submitted to Cassell Co Ltd in 1910. It includes the pencil sketches.
Letter to Cassell >>

  The Cornwall Chronicle carried an article about a meeting of the Royal Geographical Society at which the removal of the Pitcairn Islanders was discussed.
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Morayshire's Journey
  The Morayshire arrived in Sydney on 22 Jan 1856 and left for Norfolk Island on 2 Feb. GJC. was 3rd Mate.
  The Morayshire took 23 days to sail the 1000 miles to Norfolk Island @46 miles/day to drop off stores.
  She then took 35 days to sail the 5500 miles around the south of New Zeland to Pitcairn Island @160 m/day.
  The journey with the Pitcairn Islanders took 34 days to sail 3500 miles back to Norfolk Island @106 miles/day. (Cutty Sark's best was 360m/d)
  The Morayshire then left for Hobart Town, Tasmania, arriving 28 July. 1400 miles of heavy weather in 32 days (44 m/d).
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  She arrived back in Sydney on 12 Aug 1856. From the second love letter to George it appears that the Morayshire whent back to Norfolk Island in October. There are no other records of the Morayshire arriving in Sydney for the next 3 years.
Map of the Morayshire's journey
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Sketches from Pitcairn
John Adam's Grave
John Adam's House
John Adam's Mallet
John Adam's Dish
Bounty Bay
Surf Boat

News from Pitcairn 1909     NEW
  Newpaper cutting gives an account of the Islanders hailing the Wendur, 16 November 1909?
News from Pitcairn >>

NEW  George's Diaries   3 Oct 1855 to 20 Aug 1858
    Emigrant's Voyage London to Sydney - 4 Oct 55 to 19 Jan 56
        Voyage to Sydney
        Voyage Log
        Crew & Emigrants List
    Sydney 1 - 19 Jan to 23 Feb 56
        Sydney 1
        Map of Sydney 1856
    Transportation of Pitcairn Islanders - 23 Feb to 12 Aug 56
        Sydney to Norfolk
        Norfolk 1
        Norfolk to Pitcairn
        Pitcairn to Norfolk
        Norfolk 2
        Norfolk - Hobart Town - Sydney
    Sydney 2 - 12 Aug - 21 Sep 56
        Sydney 2
    1st Voyage to Manila - 21 Sep 56 to 5 Mar 57
        Sydney to Norfolk
        Norfolk 3
        Norfolk to Manila
        Manila 1
        Manila to Sydney
    Sydney 3 - 5 Mar to 21 Apr 57
        Sydney 3
    2nd Voyage to Manila - 21 Apr to 30 Dec 57
        Sydney to Norfolk
        Norfolk 4
        Norfolk to Manila
        Manila 2
        Manila to Sydney
    Sydney 4 - 30 Dec 57 to 4 Apr 58
    Home - 4 Apr to 20 Aug 58
        Voyage Home
        The Anglican Island Mission 4 July 1856